About Happy Kidney

In 2003 Mrs. Josphine Wairimu Maina was diagnosed with kidney failure; three years later her son, Ephantus Muhunyo Maina at the age of 17 walked 120 kilometers to fundraise for her treatment and at the same time raise awareness about the issue and provide moral support to his family.


Following that walk and her demise in 2009  Happy Kidney Foundation  was borne of the desire to establish sustainable solutions to various challenges brought about by non communicable diseases such as kidney failure in addition to that  is a desire to shift Kenyans from risky behaviors and unhealthy lifestyle.


This work is aimed  to reduce the dangers of renal failure and other non communicable diseases. This passion and voluntarism continues to be the force that fuels the foundation’s work.

“Health is like money we never have a true idea of its value until we loose it.” 

Josh Billings

Our Mission

To create awareness; 
and innovate solutions to overcome kidney disease and other Non Communicable Diseases (NCD's) in Kenya



Our Vision

A healthy, health conscious society in which all young men and women live lives that are free from harmful behaviors and lifestyle.

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Happy Kidney Foundation

Steering the youth and general public towards behavioral and lifestyle change for a society that is free from kidney failure.

Afya yangu, Maisha yangu, Wajibu wangu!

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